1.) Are they accredited and licensed by DCF and JACHO or CARF do they have a Wherehab Review?

– If a facility is not DCF accredited they are breaking the law. JACHO offers some security knowing their legitimacy, but it is quite easy to obtain. Wherehab reviews offer a third party source that can help you know what the facility really is like. 


2.) Determine your stance about Medically Assisted Treatment – Find out if they offer it.

-Do you believe in long term maintenance with medications like methadone or suboxone, a non narcotic anti-craving medication like vivitrol, or no medications.

3.) Are they treating the addict/alcoholic and the family?

Addiction is a family disease selecting a program that addresses the family dynamic very important.


4.) Does their program match your needs?

-It is important to pick a facility that treats the whole person, so if you are a creative person picking a facility that offers creative therapies good be essential to your sobriety.


5.) Do they have a well rounded approach?

-Science based vs. holistic based recovery. Do they offer evidence base treatment and holistic approaches?

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