Time and time again I meet people who hit their knees due to hardcore drugs, and they realized drugs ruined their life. These people frequently believe drugs are the problem, but alcohol is ok though. How does one make this person understand: No! alcohol is a drug, and it can kill you. The side effects of crystal meth, crack, and heroine may arise much quicker and take you to a bottom rapidly, but if your a “true addict” your a “true alcoholic”. I advise people to imagine the scenario that all the drugs in the world evaporated and only alcohol was left, then I ask them “how often would you drink?” and nine times out of ten they say all the time. Alcohol when abused has terrible affects on the body, and it is one of the few drugs that can kill you during a detox. Alcohol is a drug by all standards, and the addicts obsession to one day drink is an illusion.

Many people struggling with drug addiction have relapsed on alcohol, and they may have not abused alcohol, but their impaired judgement from a few drinks told them it was ok to use drugs. The disease of addiction is a fatal one- we are not safe. The people selling drugs are lacing them with toxins that can immediately cause death. The people protecting our country want addicts to be removed from society. Our family is either enabling us or detaching completely. The people we call our friends in addiction are usually addicts and using us for some sort of benefit, and many times we reject the existence of a higher power. Its a lonely life to live and in my opinion the opportunity to drink on occasion just doesn’t level up to the risk involved.

If you are new to sobriety and think that drinking will work out, I welcome you to try it, and report back your experience. I will pray you make it back alive even though I know the chances are slim. If the obsession to drink at your wedding or on your next trip to Los Vegas out weighs the risk, then you probably aren’t ready anyway.

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