Least of Your Problems?


A tragedy happened yesterday in the treatment industry.

Greed collided with vulnerability, and the fallout has yet to be fully determined.  What we do know is the family of a treatment center owner will never be the same and sixty some odd patients have had their recovery impacted in a manner that is not fully calculable.  There are yet more victims though.  The employees of the Hope Center. Counselors, discharge planners, admissions staff, nurses, alumni coordinators, and clinical technicians, many of whom are in personal recovery themselves woke up today without knowing where their next paycheck would come from.  It is likely the vast majority of the staff at the Hope Center for Rehabilitation had no idea that their employers were running a business built on a foundation of deceit and moral turpitude.  How were the front line staff to know their smiling, and by all accounts good natured employer was engaged in the practice of buying and selling people.  Patients are people, even if they are in active addiction after all.

Wherehab has learned that the co-defendant in this fraud case is already making overtures to her previous advisors on getting her web of deceit up and running again. When asked about paying her employees the money owed for the work they performed, she flippantly replied it was the least of her problems.  Selfish greed.

The 56 employees of the Hope Center will likely never be made whole for the time that they worked.  They will have abruptly lost their health insurance, will be unable to pay car payments and cell phones.  They will miss day care payments and student loan payments. More innocent people hurt by a few greed filled monsters who elected to prey on the weakest among us.






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