Requiem – Sequence 1



Evan repeatedly glanced at his watch, even though the time remained the same. He chewed on the strings of his hoodie to calm his nerves. Evan’s future had an infinite amount of possibilities for him. A full scholarship to Manhattan College, yet he sat anxiously on the 1 train toward Washington Heights.

The subway car swayed as it barreled down the tracks before throwing Evan around like a ragdoll as it whined to a stop. Evan exited and started for the stairs, he continuously opened his phone to read text messages that were not there. The sun had nearly set casting brilliant streaks of orange throughout the blue of the night. He hung his head low neglecting the beauty around him. His mind only had room for one thought, and that thought acted as a carousel spinning through his head. All his focus was centered on this one thing, which was heroin.

Once Evan had procured the remedy for his problems a feeling of relief swept over him. This relief was false unbeknownst to Evan at the time. All of his worries, fears, inadequacies, and pain would be temporarily lifted for the price of endless suffering. Evan arrived back at his basement apartment and immediately went to work on numbing himself.

Once Evan was completely anesthetized he staggered into the living room and fell onto the couch. Evan struggled with the remotes attempting to turn on the television. He reached around his pockets for his phone; it took him a while to realize he had left it on the kitchen table. Evan tried to focus on all of the things he said he was going to take care of after he picked up. His head became too heavy for his neck to support and fell back on the couch. A faint buzzing carried throughout the apartment. Evan’s phone vibrated across the table until the voicemail took over the call. One alert scrolled across the screen “One Missed Call: Mom”.


Charles Mortko

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