Trump and China’s Twitter War over Fentanyl


Trumps Twitter War with Chinese Over Fentanyl


In recent news there has been a twitter war with China and Trump. “Wow did I just say twitter war? Yup! I did.” Here is the break down; in just 11 years the amount of fentanyl overdoses has gone from 2,000 to 32,000. China is the main exporter to blame,  according to a 2017 report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Just a few grains of fentanyl is enough to be fatal, so tracking down on such a small but deadly substance is a challenge in itself.

Trump Tweeted: “I am ordering all carriers, including Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS and the Post Office, to SEARCH FOR & REFUSE, …. all deliveries of Fentanyl from China (or anywhere else!),”.

Also just to put into perspective the level of magnitude involving fentanyl here is a clip from CNN News:

“The Department of Homeland Security was considering labeling fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction earlier this year. Just $5,000 can buy enough fentanyl on the Chinese market to provide lethal doses to half a million people.”

August 28th, Fox News reported that a fentanyl shipment from China was stopped in Mexico containing enough to wipe out an entire state. There really can’t be an objection to where the drug is coming from; it amazes me that China claims that the U.S is to blame.

China initially was complying with requests. In April, the Chinese government announced it would add the entire class of fentanyl-related substances to their list of controlled drugs from May 1, but in recent news Liu Yuejin, deputy chief of China’s National Narcotics Control Commission has been denying responsibility.

Liu Yuejin has recently blamed the U.S’ lax regulation on prescription opiate medications. He also stated that since he has provided US authorities with 383 leads on fentanyl related packages and since May their investigative leads have decreased while fentanyl-related deaths have increased he is pushing the blame back towards the U.S. I don’t understand that logic.  The more leads there are means that the United States is able to prevent the drug from entering the country, less leads means more drugs entering the streets— in my opinion.

We have China being the main provider for fentanyl and they are now shipping it into Mexico. The drug is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. We have a President encouraging the country to not support the Chinese economy,and we have many people who believe the Chinese are launching a chemical war against the U.S through fentanyl. [nectar_btn size=”small” open_new_tab=”true” button_style=”regular” button_color_2=”Accent-Color” icon_family=”none” url=”Http://” text=”Source” margin_right=”10″ margin_bottom=”10″]


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