Fentanyl Bust!-Nearly 200 lbs of this Year!


Fentanyl Bust are Saving Lives.

It’s always a good day when authorities get the life-threatening drug, fentanyl, off the street. Apparently, the drug was seized on a fentanyl bust in Providence while in transit to Eastern Massachusetts. The arrests occurred on March, 26th and eight men were charged with intent to sell Fentanyl. The bust also included 30k in cash and jewelry; makes you wonder how much of this stuff they were selling.

Massachuttes seems to be cracking down hard. There have been a few other busts in recent news, back in February. Boston Police seized 33lbs on Fentanyl. 33lbs! That’s enough to kill everyone in Massachusetts. “The DA said 36 others were also arrested in the probe and that investigators also seized cocaine, heroin, two guns and $300,000 in cash.”(source)

March in New York 141 pounds! of fentanyl was seized from a Queens apartment. Fentanyl in New York sells for 50k a Kilo; one kilo is 2.2lbs. Drug busts like this are saving lives at epic proportions. A lethal dose can be viewed above reported by New Hampshire state police.

Drug dealers are getting charged with manslaughter in some states. Overdose is the leading cause of death for adults under 50. People! We had 60,000 reported deaths last year. Fentanyl is a huge component in the increase of overdoses. We can be rest assured that 200lbs of Fentanyl has been removed from the market this year.




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