Neurofeedback Therapy


Neurofeedback therapy is a new form of therapy that is entering the treatment world. Many facilities are purchasing the equipment and training staff in this holistic method. I am sure you have heard about it so here is a very detailed description of how it works.

Neurofeedback is a holistic non-invasive method to heal brain chemistry to a higher functioning standard that can help with depression, ptsd, adhd, and impulse control. Before procedure,  The patients brain is Quantitatively mapped measuring brain activity, and this provides the therapist a baseline for which approach to take treating the patient.  The session should last thirty minutes and should occur 20-40 times. Clients are hooked up comfortably to an EEG feedback system while watching a screen. The patient is given a task, that requires them to keep calm and regulate their brain waves. For Example, the client is watching a screen with a rocket when their brain is operating at the desired wave length the rocket will move, but when they loose desired wave length they have to calm themselves and get back to it, and the rocket will begin to move. The patient is able to regulate their brain waves, because they can see what their brain is doing on the screen.  Through practicing this technique clients learn to generate desired brain wave changes.

Neurofeedback is a great tool to assist in treating the brain patterns associated with addiction. The patients are brain training also known as neuro-conditioning, and are mainly targeted at improving function in these areas of the brain: motor planning, auditory imagery, expression, language comprehension, executive function, spatial orientation, or visual processing. The equipment is expensive, but spreading the treatment industry.


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