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What defines the Best Recovery Centers? Every Rehab claims to be the best and some truly offer things no one else does. Is being the best recovery center measured by how nice the program is physically, by how many degrees the clinicians have, by how much they care, or by how well clients do after they leave the program?

I have toured over 500 drug rehabs in the last 4 years and many of them are no longer in operation. There have definitely been a few that caught my eye ,and some that I simply forgot existed. We have the basic IOPs and PHP with fluorescent lights standard groups on relapse prevention; the type of program you attend 4/5 times and you feel equipped to take over and operate. The highest level clinicians have their CAP and the clinical director comes by once a month. You don’t offer anything innovative, and if it requires an extra 20 minutes effort or a single penny, you can forget about it. These are the centers that are in it for the wrong reasons. They will claim they are the best just for a click on google.

You have centers that spend money on their client’s comfort, they offer everything from meals, cigarettes, massages, and more. The client enjoys going to treatment because he/she feels like they are on vacation. “The Best Recovery Center” may have treated some symptoms for their diseases, but the reality is they do not stay sober long term. These centers have little ethical obligation and are more focused on getting clients in the door with cigarettes then following the laws.

So how do you know what centers are the best?

I have compiled a list of what I perceive in my opinion qualifies the Best Recovery Centers

1.) Marketing Practices

  • Clients are only referred to centers based on what is best for the client not based on marketing relationships. The only people responsible for clients placement in treatment is the clinicians and the clinicians have relationships and understanding of the treatment centers they recommend.

(currently, most centers put placement in the hands of marketers and practice a B2B marketing strategy, I personally feel this is unethical when dealing with the medical field unless the marketer has a clinical background, which many do.)

  • The Best Recovery Centers offer a very transparent marketing approach everything on their website is true. You know what the center offers by viewing their website.
  • Centers that get a majority of their business from past client referrals is a beautiful thing! This means the client had such a good experience they recommended it to a loved one.

2.) Variety of Therapeutic Approaches

  • The Best Recovery Centers recognize that everyone is in a different phase in recovery some have been to treatment many times. The center is equipped with many practices to treat each patient individually.

3.) Understanding they may not be a good fit for everyone

  • The Best Recovery Centers truly takes the time to understand each client they admit to their program and ask themselves can they help this client better than any other program out there and how will this client effect the other client? Programs who truly care about the well being of all parties will usually turn away clients that aren’t a good fit regardless of how good their insurance is.

4.) Values Client Success

  • Every part of the program is designed around what will help the client succeed. The center will consider any tool that could potentially help save the clients life. They take an outcomes driven approach and implement a continuum of care that involves genuine data.


Marketing Practices, therapeutic approach, intake process, and outcomes are the foundation of every best recovery center and if any center claims to be the best, but does not value all of these areas as the foundation of their program then keep looking, because many do!


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