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Why Wherehab?

Hardly a day goes by that a major newspaper has not printed a story about a Drug treatment program

that has either grossly mishandled patient care, committed insurance fraud, or in some cases, patients have been emotionally, financially, or even sexually exploited. I recently met with a young woman who had been sexually assaulted by another patient, and when she went to the supervisor, nothing was done to help her. She was too ashamed to go to the police. Massive lawsuits have been filed against centers that have submitted fraudulent claims for urine testing and some of these have been shut down by the federal government as well. I have also seen quite a few patients who have been entrusted to treatment or extended-care and found that drugs were readily available by other patients and/or staff!

All of this begs the question; Who can you trust?

Not all treatment centers are corrupt, poorly run, illegal operations. In fact, there are many good places for patients to go who need help for substance abuse. The problem is that you can’t rely solely on advertising and marketing or even personal interviews if you are to find a credible facility and minimize the chances of relapse.

That is why Wherehab is a responsible resource when searching for a treatment center that is professional, safe, and has a program that will maximize the probability that the patients will stay sober during and after their stay. Not only does this site have a professional who goes to the facility and ranks it according to the highest standards, but more importantly, the patients personally evaluate their experience during their stay. Things might look good on the outside, but it’s the patients inside of the facility that can write honestly describe their true experiences.

  • Did they get properly detoxed prior to starting therapy?
  • Were they educated about the disease of addiction?
  • Was there the right amount of structure and free time?
  • Did they feel cared for and safe?
  • Were their surroundings clean and orderly?
  • Were rules enforced?
  • Were they satisfied with the quality of their therapy, and was the family involved?
  • Were they taken to 12-Step meetings and given an aftercare plan so that they had a support system upon departure?

These are a few of the questions that only the patients can answer based on their personal experience. There is no better marketing tool or evaluation process than by those who have personally experienced the facility that is being considered. If you want to know how actual patients and professionals experienced the treatment center that you are considering, then Wherehab is the place to look.


Dr. Donna Marks

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