Don’t go to Florida for treatment?


Florida is starting to develop quite the negative rap in the treatment industry, because of the nefarious nature of a few facilities. Todays topic is to recognized the need in our community for treatment facilities and the importance of shedding light on facilities for doing the right thing.

Living in a highly populated area of addiction treatment centers may make it appear as though the area is saturated with too few clients to fill them all, but that is far from the truth. There are actually not enough treatment centers in the United States to treat all the people struggling with alcoholism/addiction. SAMHSA reported in 2014 that Approximately 21.5 million people aged 12 or older struggled with a substance use disorder (SUD).  Clearly there is a need to treat these alcoholics/addicts .  Florida has become the hub to send these individuals, and with the centralization of the treatment industry we can see an increase in criminal activity amongst the facilities, but that does not represent the entire industry as a whole.

There are many facilities in Florida that  are doing everything from a moral high ground. Unfortunately the facilities doing the right thing tend to struggle financially, because they are not investing millions of dollars into purchasing fake reviews, advertisements, and client brokering. The negative perspectives that are shinning on Florida is hurting these quality facilities even more.  Wherehab is designed to acknowledge facilities for doing the right thing, regardless of how much money they spend on advertising.

Facilities that invest their money into quality care and therapeutic research deserve to be recognized. Treatment centers that hire staff to keep real data on outcomes, and calculate the success of their clients should be accredited higher than facilities who have no idea what happens to a client after they leave.  There are treatment centers that won’t cycle someone through their facility more than twice, because they believe in finding a better fit for the client. There are many facilities in Florida that truly care about their patients and will scholarship and support them even without financial motive. I know sending a loved one to Florida can seem scary, but using wherehab to advocate for you and provide a sense of protection and assurance to you or your loved one is the best way to go.


Hanna Marks



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