The Dark Side of Marketing


Working in the treatment industry is starting to feel like an episode of Star Wars.

We have the dark side who’s only motive is to financially benefit off the dying, and we have the Jedi who are trying to save lives and are doing everything legitimately.  The facilities who are trying to stand a moral high ground are getting slaughtered with illegitimate marketing strategies and client brokering. We need the community to recognize this occurrence and not be fooled by google ads, fancy billboards, or the fake words of artificial cliental.

A common marketing strategy in the treatment industry is purchasing fake reviews. Treatment centers hire marketing guys to boost their online presence, SEO, and along with that comes lots 5 star reviews. Now some people may think its not that big of a deal, because its just social media right? If you can do it on yelp when you eat at a restaurant why not do it for drug rehabs? Well, if I go to a restaurant and have a bad meal its not that big of a deal, because I can eat at any other place whenever I want. If i get a bad treatment center I could be stuck sex trafficking and getting paid to relapse. There is also that $30,000 bill that hopefully my insurance picks up.

Families struggling to find out the truth about treatment centers deserve to read authentic information, because this is a life or death matter. It is completely unacceptable to fabricate information on peoples experiences in treatment to promote your business. New clients have the right to decide not to attend a facility because of bad reviews, and you shouldn’t be paying thousands of dollars to take them down. Especially! people who own facilities and work 12-step programs. Having profiles lie and leave fake reviews is blatant dishonesty and should be punishable. Wherehab promise to always provide organic and genuine information and to put the clients needs first not our pockets. Facilities reading this need to ask themselves are you on the dark side?


Hanna Marks



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