How do I know my Sober Home is about to get Taken Down??!


So frequently I talk to people who have no idea their sober home is breaking the law. They ask me “what exactly is illegal that sober homes are doing?”, so I will make this as simple as possible- If your sober home is doing any of these things consider relocating.



This is the one we hear so much about. It is the buying and selling of patients.  One treatment center may offer a halfway house a certain amount of money in exchange for sending their halfway clients to their iop. How do I know my halfway house is client brokering? If they tell you, “You can have free to almost free rent if you attend this mandatory IOP program. “ 

2.) Client Bribing

If you are offered gifts or money to attend a certain facility. In some cases clients are bribed to relapse, so that they can then send you back to detox

3.) Sex Trafficking

Unfortunately this does happen, clients are sent to sober homes, put back on drugs, and then sold for sex. This is not very common but google Kenny Chapman and you will know it exists.

We don’t just want to present you with all this negative information and scare you completely from going to a sober home, because they can be very influential in long term sobriety. Here is how you can tell you sober home is doing the right thing.


1.) They charge you rent the same as people who go to IOP

Essentially everyone in the house pays the same amount for rent, and they do not force you to attend an IOP (intensive out patient).

2.) You get drug tested regularly

You may not know when, but you know its coming. They also are not billing your insurance for your urine. A credible halfway house usually wont need to know your insurance information.

3.) People in the house are sober.

If someone relapses it gets recognized, and the clients must leave the facility immediately. The house will offer to assist in finding safe grounds, and welcomes the client back after so many hours of sobriety.

It is very important to get the details before sending or attending a love one to a halfway house. We recommend you tour the premise, talk to people who have been there, ask about requirements and always check reviews

817.505 Patient brokering prohibited; exceptions; penalties.—

(1) It is unlawful for any person, including any health care provider or health care facility, to:

(a) Offer or pay any commission, bonus, rebate, kickback, or bribe, directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind, or engage in any split-fee arrangement, in any form whatsoever, to induce the referral of patients or patronage to or from a health care provider or health care facility.


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