Why Wherehabing Matters?


Why wherehabing a treatment center is important?


The current process of picking a treatment center usually includes typing rehab in google and seeing what pops up, or asking your friendly neighbor with the addict son where they sent him. The problem is you really have no idea what is going on there, and if financially it’s the best fit. Finding out your loved one has a drug problem and wants help can be a shocker, and you realize time is of the essence. Impulsively choosing a facility can do more harm than good. We recommend that the loved ones of an addict have a plan in motion, so that when your son or daughter is ready for treatment you can get them in, within hours.

When you ask wherehab for help we will run your insurance to find you a program that meets all your needs and financially benefits you. Wherehab provide a community of people who share their experience with each facility you are viewing. Wherehab provides information about the treatment center’s level of care and truly explains what each level of care is . We help you understand the benefits of different therapies and define them for you. We compare your insurance to in-network providers, and will look for scholarships when needed.

The best part about wherehab’s process is that it is an action of service. They receive no financial benefit for helping addicts get treatment. Any facility you are referred to is based on 1 fact. Wherehab was invited in and believed in their program. When touring we look for facilities that show success, and a high standard of professionalism . We will support you in any process and extend our hand to you.


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