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Everyone at some point in their life has been in a vulnerable position and needed help and Drug Rehab Reviews.

We don’t always have the time to do extensive research when we are making life or death decisions. Unfortunately, some may take advantage of your misfortune for financial gain, and that is why we created for Real Drug Rehab Reviews.

Hanna Marks designed Wherehab after working for a dual diagnosis addiction treatment center for teens and adults. She was not happy with the way the patients were being treated, and the resources they were being given.

Hanna wondered why people continued to send patients through this drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, and she came to the conclusion that they just didn’t know. There had been a few situations where former employees and patients posted on craigslist or better business forums, but nothing that was readily accessible to someone desperate for help. Since then there are other directory sites popping up every day, but they allow treatment centers to advertise on their site, are owned by rehabs, or have board members that have deep ties to a treatment center. Wherehab is the only organic site that is not biased.

Wherehab was designed so that people could have access to raw details from real people. Potential clients deserve to hear real-life testimony, ratings, and security regarding where they are going for help. Wherehab is a safe haven for the sick and struggling to find a facility that best fits their needs and budget. Our goal is to protect people in desperate times, we hope to be a valuable resource that can help save lives. A better way to get better.

What is a Wherehab Review vs. User Review

On each treatment profile, you will find two review sources, the Wherehab, and the user; both are Drug Rehab Reviews. Wherehab reviews are offered to vetted treatment center. Wherehab has created a network of excellent providers who have passed all of our screening processes. Wherehab physically goes to facilities in our network, which involves our staff touring and scoring the facility on a binary rubric. We find that facilities doing the right thing are eager to welcome us, and be reviewed and scored.

The user score is conducted by anyone who has had a past experience with a treatment center. If a review is accused of being false we have an investigative process to confirm the authenticity of the claim.

How Does Wherehab Benefit From Helping People Find Treatment?

Wherehab will advocate for any patient without any financial benefit to us. We do not accept bribery or payment for referrals. Any facility that has been scored and reviewed by Wherehab and received a score above a (4) is brought into our network, but this does not guarantee a referral. Each client will receive a handful of recommended facilities based on what is most cost-effective, ideal location, and does the treatment really caters to all needs of the patient. For example, someone who has a history of sex addiction and acting out with someone of the opposite sex will most likely receive a recommendation for gender-specific treatment. We consult with professionals in the field to help develop a plan that will create a successful recovery.


The Advisory Board Committee

Wherehab is privately owned but has addiction professionals and attorneys that make up our advisory board committee, which meets quarterly.

Hanna Marks


Hanna founded Wherehab in 2016 to help the community. What started as a personal project ended up being a useful tool for the people all over Florida. Hanna is motivated, friendly, open minded and driven to help others. She is reachable and always open to any suggestions to improve and help out.

Chris Arock

Chief Technical Officer

Chris Arock has been doing Graphic Design and Web Development since 2010. His graphic style blends perfectly with what Wherehab stands for, clear, uncluttered and attractive. He works as a freelance artist at and is always open for interesting projects.

Dr. Donna Marks

Chief Clinical Advisor

Dr. Marks specializes in working with individuals who have been unable to break unwanted patterns of behavior by working through the internal obstructions that stand in the way of achieving one’s life goals. She believes that the combined methods of psychoanalysis and spirituality are a powerful method to not only heal the past and find freedom, but to also obtain meaning from all of those life events—the essential requirements for lasting change and a promising future.

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